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ANW-5000 Geri

  • ANW-5000

    Çift Ayna, Çift Taret Otomatik Yüklemeli CNC Yatay Torna Tezgahı

    Machine a workpiece front and back with turning, facing, threading, grooving and boring in a single set-up, unmanned.

    - Built-in FUJI L292H swing arm robot

    - Dual spindles for front and back machining

    - Increase productivity by performing interrupted and finish cuts simultaneously

    - Hardened and ground box way construction

    - Vertical bed for excellent chip flow

    - Auxiliary loader for faster load/unload

    Machine Configuration ANW-5000
    Spindle Diameter - mm (inch) 150 (5.91)
    Spindle Speed - rpm ~2000
    Spindle Motor - kW (hp) 37/45 (50/61)
    Slide stroke: X-axis - mm (inch) 345 (13.58)
    Slide stroke: Z-axis - mm (inch) 700 (27.56)
    Turret 10-position
    Carrying capacity - kg (lbs) 40 (88)
    FUJI Robot L292
    Work length - mm (inch) N/A
    Tailstock N/A
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