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  • Stability for powerful machining

    Vertical high performance cutting (HPC) of aluminium and particularly heavy-duty cutting of steel and titanium mean that a rigid and stable machine design is essential. The GANTRY SD with high moving Y-bridge is clearly designed for stability and is ideal for these demanding applications thanks to the generously dimensioned guide rails and drives as well as large guide rail spacing. The GANTRY SD high moving portal machining centre offers high power and speeds and also guarantees high stability and the necessary precision for 5-axis simultaneous machining of large, high-volume and heavy workpieces made of aluminium, steel and titanium. Compared with the GANTRY HD, the GANTRY SD series does not just offer maximum stability but also has larger axis travels in Y and Z and therefore also permits machining of larger workpieces. 


    The highly modular system design permits customisation in accordance with individual requirements. Configure your machining centre specifically for your needs and benefit from the outstanding flexibility of the extensive module catalogue, which makes it possible to select different table sizes, the number of Y-bridges, the tool magazine configuration and the number of machining units, for example. The large machining table of the GANTRY SD high moving portal machining centre offers various options for optimum clamping of individual workpieces. 

    Machine Configuration GANTRY SD
    Table length 4,000 to 47,000 mm
    Table width max. 7,000 mm
    Axis travel (X/Y/Z) max. 47,500/6,700/2,200 mm
    Travel speed (X/Y/Z) max. 50/50/30 m/min
    Power max. 187 kW
    Speed  max. 30,000 rpm
    Torque  max. 600 Nm

    Your Advantages:

    - Powerful machining of large and large-volume workpieces 

    - Precise 5-axis simultaneous machining 

    - High performance cutting of aluminium with high power of up to 187 kW

    - Heavy-duty cutting of titanium and steel with torques of up to 600 Nm

    - High machine rigidity and machining stability thanks to generous guide rails and large guide rail spacing

    - Customer-specific configuration of table sizes, floor height and clamping concept

    - Good ergonomics

    - Modular machine design for maximum flexibility thanks to many options

    - Special configurations possible: Double portal (DP) and twin spindle (TS)

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