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HBZ AeroCell Geri

  • High speed cutting

    Production of large aluminium structural parts demands one thing above all: high-performance machining with high material removal rates. With the  HBZ AeroCell horizontal machining centre, you will achieve optimum performance in every area. High material removal rates up to 15 l/min are the result of a machine concept designed for high speed cutting: a combination of high travel speeds and acceleration with high spindle power.


    Ergonomic design is an outstanding feature of the HBZ AeroCell horizontal machining centre: the horizontally positioned pallets for loading and unloading and the large viewing window guarantee optimum ergonomic characteristics both during set-up and the actual machining process.

    Integrated pallet change as standard

    The integrated and thus space-saving pallet changing system which is a standard feature of the HBZ AeroCell is equipped with a swivel unit for two pallets and permits loading and parallel to production.

    Compact in all sizes

    Irrespective of the pallet size, the machine design remains extremely compact with a fully enclosed workzone.

    Machine Configuration HBZ AeroCell
    Pallet length  4,000 - 7,000 mm (other lengths possible)
    Pallet width 2,000 mm (2,500 and 3,000 mm optional)
    Axis travel (X/Y/Z) max. 7,800/2,500/700 mm
    Travel speed (X/Y/Z) max. 80/80/80 m/min
    Power max. 156 kW
    Speed max. 30,000 rpm
    Torque max. 100 Nm
    Acceleration max. 7 m/s²

    Your Advantages:

    - 5-axis HSC horizontal machining

    - Highly dynamic machining of aluminium

    - High material removal rate and productivity 

    - Integrated pallet changing system as standard

    - Significant reduction in machining times and costs per piece

    - Very high path velocities

    - Compact machine design with low space requirement

    - Fully enclosed workzone

    - Numerous options for automation available

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