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    Small, economical and compact production grinding machine that has been pared down to the bare essentials for widest possible range of grinding solutions.

    The uncompromising integration of the handling system (keyhole solution) enables: individual linking of autonomous loading cells / no vibration influences from autonomous handling systems / minimal oil carry-over / semi-automation possible.

    Areas of application

    - Constructed for high economic efficiency

    - Production applications for large-series and mass production

    - Precise applications, e.g. injection parts, eccentric shafts, control valves etc.

    - Match grinding, e.g. grinding of guide edges

    - Process-oriented solutions

    - Fanuc control

    Prismatic holder grinding Prismatic holder grinding

    - Grinding of rotation-symmetric components in PCD prisms

    - Driven by 2 plastic rollers

    Chuck, flange and shaft components auto-pairing Chuck, flange and shaft components auto-pairing

    - Establish extremely precise play between two components

    Nozzle body grinding Nozzle body grinding

    - Grinding of the exterior contour of a nozzle body 

    Slide valve grinding simultaneous grinding Slide valve grinding simultaneous grinding

    - Production of extremely accurate, sharp-edged and burr-free control edges

    - Burr-free, sharp edged grinding due to the highly accurate simultaneous grinding 

    Shoe grinding Shoe grinding

    - Widely used process for creating ring-shaped mass-produced parts

    - Synchronised grinding 


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